Empowering Young Minds in London.

Young People Thrive (YPT) is a service that promotes positive mental health and wellbeing for children, young people and their families. We offer a range of innovative and accessible webinars, one-to-one and group therapy sessions. We actively engage communities in a social movement to raise mental health awareness, transform associated stigma, and assist them in thriving.

  • Advocate for youth mental health, engaging young voices in dialogues with influential stakeholders on local services.

  • Challenge the stigma of mental health that exists in our communities and raise awareness of positive mental health.

  • Provide mental health education and support to help young people and their families.

Strengthening Youth Mental Health Across the London:

We promote and enhance young people’s mental health in multiple boroughs across London. Our services and programs address unique needs and empower young individuals to lead healthier, happier lives. Take a look through this page this find out more about our services:


Our services include Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) sessions, both one-on-one and in groups, for those aged 17-25 dealing with anxiety, low mood, sleep disorders, and more. We collaborate with colleges, universities, and community organisations to provide sessions on exam stress and mental health habits. We also offer support for Year 5/6 children transitioning from primary to secondary school, at-risk young adults discharged from CAMHS, plus organisations providing services to vulnerable residents and minoritised communities.

Explore our services in detail and take the first step towards thriving mental health.


In Brent, we inform, advise, and signpost young people, their carers and funders to local mental health services. We empower youth voices by amplifying their perspectives and advocating for their preferred services to decision-makers.To achieve this, we have a team of committed mental health champions who passionately represent views of young people.

Collaboration is key to our approach, and we actively work with schools, colleges, and community groups to gather valuable intelligence to provide education on mental health. We are proud to be part of the anti-stigma and mental health awareness movement in Brent, striving to create an environment where young people can thrive.

Join us in promoting mental wellbeing and supporting young individuals by exploring our range of initiatives and services tailored to meet their mental health needs in Brent.

North London

Our services in North London encompass a range of initiatives to address mental health concerns, specifically focusing on eating disorders. We collaborate with ORRI, a specialised eating disorders treatment service, to offer support across 20 North London Boroughs. The service is open to all young adults, their carers and family members, with a particular focus on those from ethnic communities.

We offer webinars covering various aspects of eating disorders, including understanding their nature, the role of food in culture, establishing healthy routines and promoting body image positivity. Additionally, we are actively involved in a social movement to raise awareness and reduce the stigma surrounding eating disorders in diverse communities.

Join our initiatives to support mental health and eating disorder awareness.


We deliver emotional and mental wellbeing webinars to young people in Hillingdon, including those in sixth-form colleges, Brunel University, and Uxbridge College. Our goal is to establish an engagement and social movement in Hillingdon. We challenge mental health stigma, raise awareness of positive mental health, and provide information on the signs and symptoms of mental health issues. Through this movement, we create a supportive and understanding environment for individuals in need.

Join us in promoting positive mental health, addressing concerns, and fighting against mental health stigma in Hillingdon.

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Revolutionary Strategies: How They Transformed My Life in Just a Few Weeks.

“These last few weeks have been amazing. Thank you so much. These strategies truly do work. The sessions were great. I felt that all the things that were raised were exactly what I was experiencing. It was accurate about the root cause of what’s happening and gave me simple tools to cope.”

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