Together, we create lasting change for communities.

Here are some key achievements from our latest annual report:

Stories of Impact

Working with our members drives our charity’s mission forward

We are driven by a desire to positively impact the communities we serve. Working alongside our members enables us to achieve this goal by providing them with the support and resources they need to build stronger, more resilient communities.

Over 700

Voluntary, community and charitable organisations to social enterprises as members.


Members have received financial and business development advice this year.


Organisations were given support over the year with funding applications.

See the difference we make, through our member’s stories.

Read Ursula’s Story

From a dream at my kitchen table, it’s now a reality

CB Plus has been a great friend and loyal supporter of The Flower Bank (TFB) since I first approached them in March 2017, several months after I began road-testing my project.

Read James’ Story

Helping 83-year-old James stay connected via email

At AgeUK Barnet, we thank CB Plus for coordinating and donating ThreeUK WiFi dongles to our organisation to help our older people to stay connected.

Annual Reports: Our Work Over Time.

Take a look through our annual reports, where you can find information about our activities, achievements, and progress over the years. They provide detailed insights into our efforts in various areas, including community services, strategic development, projects, and more.

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