This International Men’s Day, our focus revolves around the powerful theme of ‘Zero Male Suicide.’ Now, let’s delve into our impactful initiatives, from the award-winning Barnet Suicide campaign to upcoming training opportunities like Barnet Wellbeing Service’s Zero Suicide Alliance Lunch and Learn. We’ll also explore the connections our Barnet Friends service creates as we collectively work to break the silence surrounding mental health, promoting understanding and support within our community.

Barnet Council’s Award-Winning Suicide Prevention Campaign:

Proudly, we were part of Barnet Council’s award-winning suicide prevention campaign. The initiative, recognised with the Best Digital Initiative accolade at the UK Public Health Register (PHR) Chamberlain Dunn Awards, signifies our commitment to creating impactful change within the community. Central to the campaign was the introduction of the Stay Alive app, a digital resource packed with valuable information aimed at aiding individuals in staying safe and seeking alternative solutions.

Community Outreach with Adam:

Throughout the year, Adam Wilson, our Barnet Friends Co-ordinator, has attended the University College London Volunteer Recruitment Fair and Silver Sunday at Middlesex University to engage with the community at family-oriented events like the Early Beginnings Roadshow and the Barnet Voluntary Sector Forum. His work with Barnet Friends and active involvement in these events have played a significant role in breaking down barriers surrounding mental health, making our community a place where mental health is not just discussed but supported.

On International Men’s Day, we want to express our deep gratitude to Adam for being a true champion for change. Thank you for making our community a place where mental health is actively supported. Your commitment is making a positive impact, Adam.

Barnet Friends – Bridging the Gap:

Our ‘Barnet Friends’ service is a befriending project pairing isolated residents aged 18-55 with dedicated telephone befriending volunteers. This initiative provides a lifeline in a world where social isolation often goes unnoticed. Find out more here.

Empowering Conversations:

Over the past year, our Barnet Wellbeing team has been running the ‘Zero Suicide Alliance Lunch and Learn’ online training. This initiative has become a cornerstone in our commitment to mental health awareness and proactive community engagement.

Keep an eye on our social media platforms, as we will shortly be announcing our next event in this series, where you can participate in Zero Suicide Alliance training, enabling you to have a potentially life-saving conversation with a loved one, colleague, or stranger in crisis.

A Community of Support:

As we celebrate International Men’s Day 2023, let’s stand together in our pursuit of ‘Zero Male Suicide.’

Through Barnet Friends, award-winning campaigns, and upcoming training opportunities, we aim to create a community where people can share their feelings and know they are not alone. 

Please check out the Barnet Wellbeing website to learn more about our mental health services.

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