Self-Care Tips for Perinatal Mental Health

Navigating the journey from pregnancy to parenthood can be both rewarding and challenging. The emotional and psychological changes that accompany this period, known as Perinatal Mental Health, can significantly impact your wellbeing. Taking proactive steps to care for your mental health is essential during this time. Below are some effective self-care tips to enhance your perinatal mental health, along with resources to guide you towards the support you may need.

Talk About It

Talking about your feelings with a trusted family member, friend, or health professional can significantly reduce the emotional burden. Sharing your thoughts can make them feel less overwhelming.

Relaxation Techniques

Relaxation techniques like deep breathing, meditation, and mindfulness can help manage stress and anxiety. Taking a walk in nature can also reduce stress levels.

Healthy Eating

Maintaining a balanced diet can improve your mood and energy levels. Ensure you eat regularly and include plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Find What Works for You

Perinatal Mental Health experiences vary, and so do treatment responses. It’s important to find what works best for you.


As part of our commitment to supporting new parents through our Bump, Baby & You initiative, we’ve compiled essential resources to help you access the support you need:

10 Tips for Parents with Perinatal Mental Health Conditions – NCT

  • Discover practical tips from the NCT to help navigate perinatal mental health challenges.

Self-Care Tips – Mind

  • Mind offers guidance on self-care practices tailored for perinatal mental health.

Self-Care – Perinatal Positivity

  • Explore self-care strategies specifically designed to support perinatal mental health.

Mental Health and Wellbeing Tips – Maternal Mental Health Alliance

  • Access comprehensive tips and resources for maternal mental health and wellbeing.

Maternal Wellbeing and Mental Health – CUH NHS

  • Provides information and support resources focused on maternal wellbeing and mental health.

Engaging in self-care and seeking support can make a significant difference in your perinatal mental health journey. Remember, you are not alone, and help is available.

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