Achieving Equity in Blood & Kidney Transplant Access.

Did you know that Black and Asian patients have to wait significantly longer for a kidney transplant than their white counterparts? On average, Asian patients wait up to six months, and Black patients wait up to twelve months longer than White patients for kidney transplants because of the lack of suitable organs.

At CB Plus, we believe this shouldn’t be the case and are working to raise awareness of this problem with our Blood Donation and Living Kidney Transplant Project.

We aim to:

Partner with local community organisations to actively produce empowering, accurate, and culturally sensitive information and communications, increasing awareness and commitment to donation registrations.

Shape the values and attitudes of people towards Live Kidney donation. We facilitate in-depth conversations that enable individuals to review their values and attitudes concerning live kidney donation, leading to a transformation in their perspectives.

Engage communities through proven methods to facilitate discussions and address concerns regarding Living Kidney donations, as demonstrated by our successful approach in increasing Black Blood donors last year.

In the past year, we have supported:

‘What’s your [blood] type?’ Event

We host captivating events that bring people together, spark conversations, and inspire action. In 2022, we brought together 120 young people at the Roundhouse, Camden, for an empowering event called ‘What’s your [blood] type?’ with a remarkable 39% from LGBTQ+ communities.

This year, in collaboration with Neurodiversity, Community Barnet hosted a special event at M’nuchah in London. Our aim was to increase awareness of blood and organ donation within Black communities, tackling barriers head-on. With inspiring panel speakers, an engaging movie screening, and a creative Sip n’ Paint activity, we fostered education, connection and broke down barriers. Join us in promoting life-saving donations! Read more about this year’s event here.

“After being on dialysis for four years, I received a kidney transplant in June 2016. Since then, I have been spreading awareness of the issues around organ donation and the lack of donors from the BAME community.”

Moments of inspiring action.

Take a look at our gallery, where you’ll find a wonderful collection of photos showcasing our service users, events, and team members out and about in the community.

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