In line with our Bump, Baby and You launch, we’ve pulled together this blog post with some essential information on how to find and utilise the right helplines and support services to aid in managing your mental health effectively.

Many women/birthing people experience perinatal mental health issues, which can occur during pregnancy and up to a year after giving birth. Fortunately, there are many helplines and support services available locally to assist.

Why Seek Help?

Seeking help for perinatal mental health issues is crucial for both the parent and the child. Untreated mental health problems can negatively impact many things, including the parent’s well-being and the child’s development. Don’t worry, we understand that taking that first step to seek help can feel daunting, but early intervention can be beneficial for everyone involved and we are here to help.

Key Helplines and Support Services

Central and North West London Single Point of Access Emergency Contact Line

If you need urgent help, the Central and North West London (CNWL) Single Point of Access provides a Mental Health Crisis Line offering emotional support and advice 24/7. Whether you are experiencing a mental health crisis or need immediate guidance, this helpline is available round the clock.

Call: 0800 0234 650

Here are some other essential helplines and support services for perinatal mental health:

Brent and Harrow Perinatal Community Mental Health Team

This service offers specialised support for perinatal mental health issues.

Website: Brent and Harrow Perinatal Community Mental Health Team :: Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust (

NHS Services for Perinatal Mental Health

The NHS provides comprehensive mental health services before, during, and after pregnancy, helping parents access the care they need.

Website: Find care for your mental health before, during and after pregnancy – NHS (

West London NHS Perinatal Mental Health Service

This service focuses on providing mental health support to new parents in the West London area.

Website: Perinatal mental health :: West London NHS Trust

Maternal Mental Health Alliance

An alliance dedicated to improving mental health support for mothers and families.

Website: Support for mums and families | Maternal Mental Health Alliance

Mind – Perinatal Mental Health Contacts

Mind offers valuable information and contacts for those experiencing perinatal mental health issues.

Website: Postnatal and perinatal mental health – useful contacts – Mind

If you are experiencing perinatal mental health issues, don’t hesitate to reach out to these services.

Remember, we are also here to help women/birthing people gain the confidence to reach out to the North West London Perinatal Mental Health Community Services available. To access our support, find out more about the Bump, Baby & You project or to register for a call with us, click here.

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