Working to Improve Health and Social Care Services in Newham.

At CB Plus, we have a strong track record of empowering communities to improve the lives of individuals and families across London. Our commitment to health and social care services is demonstrated through our award-winning Healthwatch Newham contract.

Healthwatch Newham is an independent local health and social care organisation that ensures that service providers, including the NHS and the local authority, hear residents’ voices. It engages residents in decision-making processes that affect the services provided, ensuring their feedback is used to improve services in the area.

Healthwatch Newham’s Key Areas of Work for Transforming Health and Social Care:

We amplify the voices of a diverse group of residents by sharing their experiences and views on health and social care services. This helps service providers like the NHS and local authorities understand what needs improvement.

We empower individuals to make informed health and social care choices through advice and information while increasing access to services. By involving residents in decision-making, we ensure their feedback improves local services.

We advocate for residents’ feedback to be used by service providers to improve services in the area. We work to ensure that under-represented communities have a say in the monitoring, commissioning, and provision of local care services.

Fostering a Thriving and Active Community: Highlights from Our Initiatives this past year in Newham:


people shared their views and feedback with us.


individuals engaged and supported with advice.


reports on community feedback for better health & social care.

Our team awarded for outstanding achievement.

We were joint winners of a Healthwatch England award with our HW North-East London partners. We were recognised for ‘providing fast, regular and comprehensive insight into people’s experiences of care with their Integrated Care System, helping to develop services for a diverse population.’

Empowering Vulnerable Individuals: A Passionate Advocate’s Journey

“I am passionate about helping vulnerable individuals by listening to their views, concerns and expectations. As an Asian female unable to speak English, I have worked hard to achieve my qualifications and have a successful career. Hearing of any improvement in health and social care is a joy.”

Tarsem Lolay

Making a Difference: A Positive Volunteer Experience

“My experience was beneficial and informative; I enjoyed working with Healthwatch Newham – it was such a positive experience. Without a doubt, I will volunteer again, and I appreciate contributing to their projects within local communities and feel I made a difference as a volunteer.”

Rosangela Cota

Moments in the Community.

Discover HealthWatch Newham in action! Our gallery showcases our team, volunteers, and service users out and about in the community, engaging with residents and prioritising their voices in health and social care decision-making processes.

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