Keeping Barnet’s Community Safe.

Barnet Neighbourhood Watch (BNW) is a community-led initiative to make our neighbourhoods safer and more secure. BNW works in partnership with the police and the local council to prevent crime, reduce anti-social behaviour, and promote community safety.

The scheme moved under CB Plus’ guardianship in April 2018. With over 40 years of experience helping and supporting communities in Barnet, CB Plus was a natural choice to continue the vital work of BNW.

  • Create a safer and more secure environment for residents.
  • Reduce crime and anti-social behaviour.
  • Increase community engagement and cohesion.

One of London’s Most Vibrant and Successful Schemes:

BNW, a successful community safety scheme in London, has received praise from the borough commander to the Deputy Mayor of London for its contributions. It is also a pioneer user of the Online Watch Link crime reporting database and has received funding from MOPAC and London Borough of Barnet.

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How Does Neighbourhood Watch Work?

Neighbourhood Watch is about people coming together to make their community safer. We can help prevent crime and anti-social behaviour in our neighbourhoods by looking out for each other and being vigilant.

One of the key benefits of joining BNW is access to the Online Watch Link (OWL). This secure communication system enables members to receive messages and alerts, crime prevention advice, and other community messages from their local team via email or phone.

Get involved.

How Can I Join?

It’s easy to sign up with your local policing team or join an existing scheme. All you need to do is contact your street’s Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator or your Watch Community Coordinator by emailing You can also visit the Online Watch Link (OWL) website to sign up for free.

How Can I Help?

Neighbourhood Watch members can do as much or as little as they like. For example, some members prefer to receive regular updates and crime prevention advice from their local team. While others take a more active role by volunteering for a local role such as a Street Coordinator, Area, Ward or District role.

Useful Links

To help keep you informed and up-to-date, we’ve provided links to useful resources, including Action Fraud, Barnet’s Local Policing Teams, London Community Watch, Metropolitan Police Service, Neighbourhood Watch, The Crime Prevention Website, and Victim Support. View our resources page here.

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