Welcome to our Food & Me Social Movement Campaign. Today, our blog will focus on Eating Disorders and Culture, with a particular emphasis on Ramadan. Starting on the 10th of March in the Islamic calendar, Ramadan is a sacred time that involves communal eating with family, friends and loved ones at suhoor (sunrise) and iftar (sunset).

However, for individuals with eating disorders, public eating can trigger anxiety, especially when surrounded by people who may not understand their condition. 

Orri has a helpful blog on ‘How to maintain eating disorder recovery during Ramadan’ to help those struggling to navigate this special time.

Marina, Orri’s Programme Coordinator, provides insight into the celebration of Ramadan.

“Ramadan remembers the month the Qur’an was first revealed to the Prophet Muhammad PBUH. The actual night that the Qur’an was revealed is a night known as Lailut ul-Qadr (‘The Night of Power’), which falls on an odd day during the last ten days of Ramadan. 

Almost all Muslims try to give up ‘bad’ habits during Ramadan. It is a time for prayer and good deeds. They will try to spend time with family and friends and help people in need.”

Read the full blog post here: https://bit.ly/48snAM0

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