Last week, CB Plus hosted our Annual General Meeting (AGM) with a focus on achieving equity, showcasing the dedication and collaborative spirit of all involved.

The event commenced with Chair Tony Vardy and Treasurer Chris Cormie’s warm welcome, marking the first in-person gathering in four years and highlighting the importance of face-to-face connections in driving progress.

One of the early highlights was Councillor Zahra Beg’s acknowledgement of the community’s work and Barnet Council’s commitment to equity set the tone for the day, stressing the need for collaboration between local organisations and local government.

Dr Adeola Agbebiyi then shared insights into Newham’s equity approach, emphasising the importance of listening with compassion and underscoring empathy as a catalyst for meaningful solutions.

Dionne John’s discussion on mapping mental health needs within the Black community also highlighted crucial challenges and the power of engaging directly with service users as champions.

We then heard from Zoe Kattah from Young People Thrive who shared their culturally sensitive approach to supporting the emotional well-being of young people, stressing inclusivity in equity efforts.

Following this, Joyce Mbewe shared insights into reframing safeguarding within the community and highlighted collaborative efforts in creating a safe and inclusive environment for all.

Selina Rodrigues, our Head of Strategic Business Development for CB Plus, spoke on the day too. She also held a roundtable; here is what she had to say about its success:

“After such inspiring speakers, participants enthusiastically discussed, shared and connected on how they support diverse communities and aim to achieve equity in their organisations. We focused on examples of good practice and also identified gaps in our knowledge or delivery and how we can work together to engage and reach diverse communities. Participants are very keen to do more, so we will be organising further discussions and sessions to take this forward.

As the AGM concluded, the collective dedication to equity was evident. Reflecting on the day’s events, achieving equity requires acknowledging differences and engaging with diverse voices and experiences.”

Julie Pal, CEO of CB Plus, also shared this with us:

“I extend heartfelt thanks to all who attended our AGM, whether in person, online, or in spirit. Special appreciation to our keynote speakers and those who adjusted their schedules to join. Gratitude to the welcoming team, volunteers, and the Greek Centre for their support and hospitality. The professionalism and positivity made a lasting impression. Despite remote work challenges, the palpable joy of in-person connection was evident, fostering a truly inspiring atmosphere. Thank you all for your contributions. I feel privileged to be part of CB Plus.”

Moving forward, we look forward to carrying this momentum and commitment to equity, knowing that together, we can build an inclusive society that celebrates diversity and ensures positive outcomes for all.

Thank you to all who contributed to the success of this AGM! We look forward to continuing this journey towards equity together.

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