Yesterday, we had the privilege of visiting Ark Pioneer Secondary School and attending a presentation crafted by a group of year 8 students.

They showcased the work of CB Plus as part of a competition aiming to secure £1000 for their chosen charity. This competition was organised by First Give in partnership with the school.

Within this initiative, students are required to research charities operating within their communities and compile presentations. These presentations are then delivered by a selected group representing their class. We were honoured to be one of the designated charities, chosen by 8 Farah. The group presenting was made up of Rufus, Ryaan, Wahiz, Naomi, Abdillahi and Khush.

During the presentation, the students explored various aspects of our organisation, ranging from our objectives and missions to our core values. For those intrigued to learn more about this, you can explore this here. 

However, what truly touched us was the students’ admiration for our commitment to serving the entire community. They expressed how researching CB Plus had broadened their understanding of various social issues and inspired them to take action. The students shared how they had organised a bake sale in the school’s sports hall to raise funds for us. From homemade banana bread to brownies, their efforts were not only delicious but also impactful.

In their own words:

“Community Barnet seemingly never rest in their battle to bring communities together and cultivate a brighter, diverse, accepting version of where lots of you will call home.”

While another charity, Chipping Barnet Foodbank, claimed the £1000 prize—a deserving feat—we extend our sincerest gratitude to the students for choosing CB Plus as their charity. Their passion and dedication are a testament to the power of youth in driving positive change. We are grateful for the awareness they have raised about our work, and we look forward to continuing our mission, fuelled by their support.

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