Meet the Trustees

Tony Vardy chairs the Board of Trustees of CB Plus.

He has introduced this new monthly feature in our Newsletter and on the CB Plus blog, profiling each of the Trustees in turn, in the order of their length of service on the Board. The full articles will be shared on our blog.

The first conversation is with Chris Cormie.

Tony Vardy (TV): Many thanks for joining me Chris. Tell us a little about your work and family life outside CB Plus.

Chris Cormie (CC): I’m retired after a career in the Construction and Property Industry with a focus on project management of a wide variety of schemes both in the UK and overseas. My interests include travel, sport, reading, arts and crafts and cooking, together with spending time with my two daughters and grandchildren.

TV: And what persuaded you to become a Trustee with Community Barnet – now CB Plus?

CC: I was invited to become a Trustee of Community Barnet 10 years ago, having previously undertaken the role of Trustee, Treasurer and subsequently Chair of the Board of a disability-focused charity in Hertfordshire. I also Chaired a small Residents Association in Barnet for several years.

I was attracted to the Trustee role at CB because the organisation provided valuable advice, training and facilities to a wide range of community voluntary organisations across the London Borough of Barnet together with providing important community support services to Barnet Council.

TV: What is your current role as a Trustee?

CC: As a Trustee and Board Member with CB Plus I’ve been the organisation’s Treasurer for the last 5 years, working closely with other Trustees, senior management and the finance team.

TV: How would you describe your experience as a Trustee – any particular memorable points?

CC: My experience of working as a Trustee has been very rewarding. The challenges have included responding to reduced local authority funding, economic austerity pressures and other uncertainties and risks. The response from the senior management team led by Julie Pal, in conjunction with close involvement from the Board of Trustees, has successfully responded to these issues and over the last few years the Charity has grown in size and diversified its activities.

In particular, an effective plan and response to the difficulties resulting from the Covid epidemic was developed and implemented. Successful participation in Barnet Healthwatch has opened up opportunities to work in other London Boroughs and further expand the range of services the Charity can offer including wellbeing and mental health.

Importantly I’m very pleased that over the last few years the objective set by the Board to secure and maintain an appropriate level of financial reserves has been achieved.

TV: What do you see as the biggest task for CB Plus going forward from here?

CC: The Charity has recently undertaken a strategic review of its delivery and location of operations together with the range of services and income opportunities.

I’ve enjoyed participating in this review and an outcome is the recent change of name to CB Plus. I believe that continuing the charity’s work in Barnet together with the further expansion of both the range of services and delivery of these services beyond the boundaries of the Borough offers the organisation significant opportunities moving forward.

I’m very pleased that recently several new Trustees have been recruited who have the experience and talents to further support the organisation’s ambitions and development.

For my part it’s been pleasure working alongside a talented and dedicated group of staff members and Trustees over the last 10 years.

TV: Many thanks Chris, for these comments and your great contribution to CB Plus over the past 10 years!

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