In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic forced schools, businesses, and organisations to adapt to a new normal, relying on technology and the internet to keep connected. However, for many people, not being able to afford technology or access to the internet was a significant barrier to learning and exclusion. James was one of those people, an 83-year-old man who had never sent an email until recently.

We understand the importance of staying connected and helping those struggling with technology access. In James’ case, we worked with 3 Mobile and IT suppliers 4Ways Solutions, to source and recycle equipment and increase WiFi access.

Thanks to the generosity of Three UK, we secured over £8,000 of data and dongles and raised an additional £2,000 to buy new laptops. The impact of this initiative is immeasurable. Not only did it help James send his first-ever email, but it also connected him to the wider world. Helping him to stay in touch with loved ones and access vital information online. It also helped bridge the digital divide, ensuring that those often left behind can keep up with the rest of society.

“Thanks so much to @CommUNITYBarnet & @ThreeUK for donating these WiFi dongles – helping people like 83-year-old James, who sent his first-ever email recently!” Age UK Barnet

Staying connected is more important than ever. This initiative is an excellent example of how we can work together to ensure everyone can access technology and the internet. Initiatives like this help individuals and strengthen communities by bringing people together and reducing social isolation.

In conclusion, James’ story is a heartwarming reminder of the power of technology to connect us and the importance of working together to ensure that everyone has access to it. We must continue to invest in initiatives that help bridge the digital divide and create a more inclusive and connected world.

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