The Romanian and Eastern European Hub Goes Independent: A Case Study in Community Service

A solid and thriving community is built on the foundation of effective and efficient community services. In support of these communities, CB Plus provided guidance, resources, and support to vulnerable groups during the pandemic. This case study highlights the successful journey of the ROEE Hub. It is now an independent charitable organisation, empowering the Romanian and Eastern European community in NW London.


The Romanian and Eastern European Hub (ROEE Hub) was initiated with a modest initial funding of £3,000. It aimed to address the unmet support needs of Romanians and other Eastern European groups living locally. We recognised the importance of having community members leading the initiative. To achieve this, two employees from the Eastern European community were hired. To ensure its success and provide an authentic understanding of the community’s needs.

Achievements and Impact

Over the past two years, the ROEE Hub has achieved significant milestones. They are contributing to the well-being and empowerment of the Eastern European community in NW London. Some key successes include:

  1. Tailored Support: The Hub has filled the gap in support services for the Eastern European community. It focuses on their unique needs and challenges. They have built trust and established meaningful connections by providing culturally sensitive assistance.
  2. Community Engagement: The Hub has effectively reached vulnerable groups through extensive engagement initiatives. Their efforts have helped to alleviate isolation, provide vital resources, and ensure the well-being of community members.
  3. Independent Charitable Organisation: After two years of collaboration and successful operations, the Hub has transitioned into an independent charitable organisation. This achievement demonstrates the impact and sustainability of their work, as well as the commitment of their team.

Lessons Learned

The journey of the ROEE Hub offers valuable lessons for community service organisations:

  1. Identifying Community Needs: By recognising the gap in support for the Eastern European community, the Hub could target its efforts effectively. Understanding the specific needs and challenges of the community is crucial for delivering impactful services.
  2. Community-Led Initiatives: Employing individuals from within the community with firsthand knowledge and understanding ensures a more effective and culturally appropriate approach. This approach fosters trust and encourages community members to participate and engage with the services provided actively.

Future Outlook

As an independent charitable organisation, the ROEE Hub is committed to advocating for fair representation, amplifying under-represented and marginalised Eastern European voices, and achieving equity for all. The Hub’s success story inspires others to join CB Plus in their efforts to build vital community infrastructures and make a meaningful impact in the lives of those they serve.

Cecilia Petre, COO & Co-Founder of The Romanian and Eastern European Hub:

“We would like to thank CB Plus for helping us identify the gap in support needed by Romanians and other Eastern European groups living in NW London and guide us on pulling this project together. Our journey is a success story, and we are pleased that the Hub has emerged and thrived during two tough years and has become an independent organisation.

“We will continue to advocate for a fair representation of all Eastern Europeans, amplify under-represented and marginalised Eastern European voices, and aim to achieve equity for all.”

 Julie Pal, CEO of CB Plus:

 “Congratulations to all past and current Hub employees and volunteers, many of whom are still on the Hub’s team. We will continue to support the independent Hub in our Community Infrastructure Building capacity and hope their story will inspire others to join us.”

The Romanian and Eastern European Hub’s journey from a collaborative project to an independent charitable organisation demonstrates the power of effective community services. This case study inspires other community organisations to strive for excellence in their service delivery and achieve sustainable, community-driven outcomes.