Barnet African Caribbean Association (BACA) – Revitalizing Community Services for Older Adults

Barnet African Caribbean Association Ltd (BACA) is a small registered charity established in 1997 to provide welcoming day services for older adults in Barnet. However, due to management and workers’ issues, as well as the need for a clear strategy, BACA faced the possibility of closure. 

Recognising the importance of BACA as an anchor in the community, CB Plus decided to step in and provide guidance, resources, and support to help the organisation overcome its challenges and continue serving the community effectively.

Challenges Faced

BACA faced several challenges that jeopardised its ability to provide vital services to older adults. These challenges included management and workers’ issues, the need for a clear strategy, and insufficient funding. Despite these difficulties, BACA managed to create a sense of trust within the community, as individuals felt comfortable seeking advice and support from the organisation, even for non-typical services.

CB Plus’ Support

CB Plus recognised the significance of BACA’s role within the community and its impact on older adults’ lives. To ensure its survival and growth, we provided support in several areas. Firstly, we raised £40,000 in funding for BACA. Although not a large amount, the intention was to manage growth carefully and maintain sustainable operations. This funding enabled BACA to retain crucial staff members and enhance the quality of its services.

Additionally, we helped BACA develop a clear strategy for future growth and sustainability. By hiring new staff members and ensuring stability in the sessions, BACA was able to build a more reliable service for older adults in the community. CB Plus also collaborated with BACA in designing an impactful newsletter, which received positive feedback from the community for its engaging content and design.

Results Achieved

Through the support of CB Plus, BACA experienced notable achievements and improvements. The older person session witnessed significant growth, with 15 new members joining. This increase in membership is a major success for BACA, demonstrating the community’s trust and value in the organisation’s services. The sessions have become regular and stable, providing a reliable resource for older adults in Barnet.

Next Chapter

Furthermore, BACA’s fundraising efforts gained momentum this year, aligning with their Windrush campaign. With increased confidence in the staff and the stability of sessions, BACA aimed to impact the community significantly. While mindful of controlled growth, BACA sought to accelerate its expansion to reach and support more individuals.

Revitalise Community Services

The case study of BACA exemplifies how effective community services can revitalise and transform organisations facing potential closure. The membership growth, regular sessions, and impactful newsletter design attest to the successful revitalisation of BACA’s services for older adults in Barnet. BACA’s resilience and commitment, coupled with the support of CB Plus, have ensured that a vital community resource remains available, making a meaningful impact on the lives of those they serve.