The Flower Bank Social Enterprise and CB Plus Collaboration

CB Plus has been pivotal in supporting The Flower Bank (TFB) since their partnership began in March 2017. This case study highlights the transformative impact of their collaboration. It showcases how CB Plus has provided comprehensive assistance, guidance, and resources to empower TFB’s growth as a social enterprise. Through its wide range of services, CB Plus has enabled TFB to thrive and impact the community.

Building a Strong Foundation

When TFB approached CB Plus in its early stages, the team recognised its immense potential and guided them towards a more focused and disciplined approach. CB Plus provided invaluable assistance in various areas, including policy formulation and bid writing. With an open platform and unwavering support, CB Plus helped TFB develop into a robust social enterprise.

Encouraging Future Development

CB Plus understood the importance of long-term planning and encouraged TFB to consider its future development. Though initially reluctant, TFB embraced this approach, making it more dynamic and responsive. Through CB Plus, TFB’s founder, Ursula, had the opportunity to join an Action Learning Group, a community of Barnet social entrepreneurs at different stages of their start-ups. This group provided knowledge, wisdom, and support that proved invaluable to Ursula’s growth.

Addressing Challenges Together

Being self-employed often comes with challenges, and CB Plus recognised the need for support in overcoming these hurdles. Through the Action Learning Group, Ursula had the opportunity to connect with fellow entrepreneurs and find solutions to common obstacles. The experience offered her reassurance that these difficulties were normal and surmountable.

CB Plus also leveraged its expertise in Barnet to arrange for students from Middlesex University to assist TFB in setting up procedures to measure and evaluate their social, economic, and ecological impact. This collaboration with the students resulted in practical solutions and a deeper understanding of TFB’s impact.

Diverse Range of Services

CB Plus’s commitment to supporting voluntary organisations is unparalleled. Over their partnership, Ursula has continually discovered new aspects of CB Plus’s extensive service offerings. They have provided TFB with everything they need to thrive, from website and marketing support to event guidance. CB Plus’s contributions have been instrumental in TFB’s success and growth.

Creating a Lasting Impact

Since January 2017, TFB has engaged young offenders from Haringey and Barnet to create and deliver weekly floral designs to care homes, day centres, and community buildings in North London. The residents have embraced TFB’s activities and visits, affectionately referring to Ursula as “the flower lady.” This collaboration has provided a creative outlet for young offenders and brought joy and connection to the community.

A Pinch-Me Moment

One of the defining moments for TFB was the opening of their New Barnet Shop in 2019. From humble beginnings at Ursula’s kitchen table, TFB experienced tremendous support from CB Plus and the community. The shop’s opening marked a significant milestone in their journey, further solidifying their presence and impact in the community.

Continued Support

CB Plus remains dedicated to supporting Ursula and TFB. They continue to provide assistance with website and marketing, event support, and guidance, ensuring that TFB can focus on its mission of spreading joy and making a positive difference in the community.

Power of Community Services

The collaboration between CB Plus and The Flower Bank exemplifies the power of effective community services. CB Plus’s unwavering support, guidance, and diverse range of services have enabled TFB to flourish and create a lasting impact on the community. Ursula’s journey from a small-scale project to a thriving social enterprise showcases the transformative potential that can be realised through strong partnerships with community service organisations like CB Plus.