An update, and thank you from us! – Initial results from Ipsos GP Survey Mini Poll 1.

One of the Barnet Primary Care Group’s (PCG) recent projects focuses on raising awareness of the Ipsos GP Survey to support patients in finding out how their surgery has been rated.

This nationwide Survey is published annually in July. It details how effectively each GP surgery functions according to the 40-plus questions. These provide a wealth of information for patients about their own surgery and others.

We want to thank those of you who completed our Mini Poll 1 electronically or responded on paper when we engaged with people face-to-face in a variety of locations to find out if Barnet residents had heard of the IPSOS GP Survey.

From nearly 600 responses, we found:

  • Only 17% knew the IPSOS GP survey existed.
  • 90% said they were interested in knowing how their surgery was rated – but
  • Only 11% had an impression of how their surgery compared to others in their area. Find out how your surgery fared here.

Posters in your local library also reminded you of this link. Did you see them? If not, please click here.

Mini Poll 2 (ONLY for Barnet residents or patients with a GP Practice in Barnet borough) is underway to raise further awareness of the IPSOS GP Survey. Here is the link.

We hope you will continue to take part! These results will be fed back to IPSOS as Barnet’s patient voice. This continues your opportunity to be part of positive change!

Knowledge is Power,

Let’s keep our fingers on the pulse!

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