Empowering Our Member in Challenging Times

At CB Plus, we are proud to be recognised by faith leaders for our dedicated engagement with faith groups. We understand and value the immense contribution that faith groups make to our communities, and we have been privileged to serve as a natural bridge between these groups and the voluntary sector.

Our commitment to building strong relationships shines through, especially in times of need, like the first lockdown, where we provided crucial support and relief, particularly in food poverty.

Introducing a Letter of Appreciation from Rev. Helen Shannon, representing St. Barnabas Church and Food Bank, highlighting the profound impact of CB Plus’ support and collaboration.

As a faith leader, I want to commend and thank CB Plus for engaging and working with faith groups. CB Plus understands the enormous contribution faith groups make to communities and have been a real bridge for us into the voluntary sector.

‘your team was the place to go to find out any information’

You brought out the best in people. All those community relationships you’ve invested in over the years really came to the forefront, especially in the first lockdown, where your team was the place to go to find out any information. On a personal note, your team were definitely the knowledgeable glue that stuck those working with food poverty together in the early days. But more than that, you just got on with what was needed: providing food for those in desperate need.

‘So, keep doing what you’re doing’

At the food bank, we were struggling to get the amount of food we needed – despite the vast generosity of the local community. To know there was a group of people working to source food and having the money to pay for it was hugely liberating for us. It wasn’t about what we could do for you or what boxes we could tick; it was about what you could do for us and how you could lighten our load.

For me, one of the essential attributes in an organisation that seeks to take the lead in a community is the attitude of service. The attitude that says, “How can we help you do what you’re doing better”. That is true leadership, and I believe that’s what we saw and continue to see at Community Barnet. So, keep doing what you’re doing

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