Case Study: From Assistance to Appreciation: A Warm Home Success Story

Enfield Connection is a service that provides support and advice to individuals in the Enfield area. In this case study, we will explore the experience of one of our clients, who sought assistance applying to the Warm Home Programme.

Client Background

The client, who we will refer to as Mr X, contacted Enfield Connection seeking assistance with making an application to the Warm Home Programme. During his appointment, our adviser conducted a benefit check and found that Mr X had mobility issues but was not receiving any disability benefits.

Assistance Provided

After identifying Mr X’s eligibility for Attendance Allowance (AA), our adviser contacted the AA helpline to order a form. We also assisted him in making an application to the Warm Home Programme. Mr X was very appreciative of the help he received from our service.


Mr X has since informed us that his claim for AA is currently being processed. He also stated that a surveyor from the Warm Home Programme had visited him, and he was also waiting for the outcome. Although the outcome of Mr X’s application is yet to be determined, our assistance has helped him move closer to receiving the benefits he is entitled to.


The Enfield Connection service provided Mr X with the necessary support and advice to apply to the Warm Home Programme and identify his eligibility for Attendance Allowance. Mr X expressed his appreciation for the help he received, and we are pleased to have assisted him in navigating the benefits system. This case study highlights the importance of supporting individuals struggling to access the benefits they are entitled to.