Case Study: Mary’s Journey to Overcome Depression and Improve Her Living Conditions


Mary was referred to our befriending service in November, showing “very mild” mental health symptoms. However, early conversations revealed severe depression. Mary was housebound and talked about family trauma. She missed appointments and lacked heating, electricity, and food.


Our befriender supported Mary. They informed her about cost-of-living grants and referred her to local food banks. In addition, they helped Mary apply for a Waitrose food voucher and a crisis loan through Boost. Despite Mary’s reluctance to accept social worker and mental health support, our befriender persuaded her to accept counselling through her GP. We also secured referrals to Boost and Citizens Advice Bureau, who contacted her.


With our befriender’s help and other services, Mary improved her living conditions and overcame depression. She accessed food banks and grants to pay for utilities. The crisis loan and Waitrose food voucher provided extra financial support. Mary accepted counselling, taking a positive step towards addressing her mental health.

Overall, Mary’s journey shows the importance of holistic support for mental health challenges. We supported her recovery by addressing Mary’s immediate needs and mental health.