Case Study: Overcoming Debt and Access Barriers for Enfield Residents

Enfield Connection (EC) is a service that provides support and advice to individuals in the Enfield area. In this case study, we will explore the experience of one of our clients who sought our assistance with accessing Housing Benefit/Council Tax Support and resolving various debts.

Client Background

The client, whom we will refer to as Ms X, initially contacted EC because she could not access the online application forms for Housing Benefit/Council Tax Support. Over approximately eight months, we worked with Ms X to help resolve her issues.

Assistance Provided

Ms X had a significant amount of debt, including arrears on her council tax bill and rent arrears on her current and previous temporary accommodation. Due to the level of debt, the case was referred to LB Enfield’s Welfare Benefits and Debt Advice Support team. As a result, we advised Ms X to claim Universal Credit (UC) via the Help to Claim line and emailed her landlord to inform him of the action to remedy the situation. We also issued Ms X with a Foodbank/Fuel Bank voucher.


Following the referral, we assisted Ms X in applying for a Discretionary Hardship payment and Council Tax Hardship Support. We also provided her with details of her local Community Hub Food Pantry, which is run by LB Enfield and provides heavily discounted food to residents struggling to afford the cost of food. This case highlights the valuable partnership between EC and LB Enfield.


Ms X’s case demonstrates the complex issues individuals face when accessing benefits and dealing with debt. The Enfield Connection service provided Ms X with the necessary support and advice to navigate the system, access vital resources and improve her financial situation. This case also highlights the importance of partnership work between local services, such as EC and LB Enfield, to ensure that individuals receive the holistic support they need.