CB Plus Giving emergency response to Covid-19

In the summer of 2020, the National Lottery Community Fund asked for a Barnet organisation to deliver a grant scheme worth £150,000. We applied and submitted the required supporting documents. 

We explained the needs of Barnet residents based on what adults, young people, families, and isolated people told us. Listening to people on doorsteps, at food banks, and through our Emergency Support and Befriending Schemes. It was great to receive the funding of £150,000 for Barnet.

Getting the scheme started.

We set up the scheme, ran workshops and allocated grants quickly to ensure the funds were out in the community exactly where needed. We funded 25 organisations across Barnet, focusing on poverty, physical and mental wellbeing, social justice, and community cohesion.

Quote from a spokesperson for the National Lottery Community Fund.

“By working alongside these expertly placed funding programmes, such as CB Plus Giving, and relying on their local knowledge and network of contacts, we can ensure National Lottery funding reaches more charities and community projects.” 

The Organisations awarded a grant through CB Plus Giving were:

  • Community Focus
  • Exposure Organisation Ltd
  • Strength and Learning Through Horses
  • HOPE for Paediatric Epilepsy London
  • Wild About Our Woods
  • Yaran
  • Angie’s Keep Calm and Sing
  • St Mary’s (8th Hendon) Scouts
  • Moon Academy
  • NW7 Hub
  • Barnet Community Projects
  • Live Unlimited
  • Misgav Women in Development Enterprise
  • The Larches
  • Barnet African Caribbean Association
  • Romanian Cultural Charity; Kick Action Academy; All Saints Church.

Kafele Morgan, from Kick Action Academy, ran sports and mentoring activities where young people learnt new skills to reduce conflict and work as a team. “This funding will improve young people’s lives, especially those at risk of gang involvement and who are disadvantaged.”

HOPE provided a day trip to London Zoo and a Christmas party for children with epilepsy; some are clinically vulnerable and had not left the house during the pandemic. A parent said, “We all had a wonderful time at the party, and the kids were excited by everything”, and Dr Nadine Gurr added, “It is marvellous to see families relaxing, bonding and enjoying life, away from the relentless pressure of caring for a child with epilepsy.”

Pathway to Wellness worked with older people with idea sessions and information on physical and mental wellbeing, including diabetes awareness, dementia support, and respite for family carers. Daksha Chauhan-Keys said, “We are delighted to receive this funding. People can take control of their health and wellbeing following the challenges of the lockdown. The grant enables us to support people facing language, digital and cultural barriers.”