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Improving Barnet’s Primary Care Services

The CB Primary Care Group (PCG) is a team of volunteers dedicated to improving primary care services for patients in Barnet. Chaired by Asmina Remtulla, the PCG works closely with Barnet CCG and Barnet Federated GPs and different practices to analyse and improve patient access and experience.

The group strongly emphasises patient perspective, understanding, and communication and aims to offer simple, practical solutions and recommendations that benefit the community. With a track record of successful projects, the CB Primary Care Group is committed to positively impacting primary care services in Barnet.

The Primary Care Group’s Impactful Initiatives

Over the years, the Primary Care Group has been at the forefront of improving primary care services in Barnet. With a commitment to offering simple and practical solutions, the group has undertaken several initiatives that have positively impacted the community, such as:

  • Conducted Out of Hours report to assess GP surgeries’ message accessibility and coherence
  • Produced patient information sheet for remote consultations
  • Analysed GP patient survey data to improve appointment-making
  • Reviewed 52 GP websites for consistency in Extended Access Services appointment information

  • Printed summary of services in Barnet First magazine distributed to all households
  • Developed poster and leaflet to help patients control referrals
  • Collaborated with NHS 111 to improve out-of-hours communications

Project Updates from CB Plus Primary Care Group.

Make a Difference through Volunteering.

Would you like to volunteer with the Primary Care Group?

While the Primary Care Group focuses primarily on GP Practices, we also look at dental and pharmacy services, as well as other issues related to primary care.

The volunteer group meets monthly and is supported by the Health and Social Care Senior Manager at CB Plus. For more information on how to get involved, please contact primarycaregroup@cbplus.org.uk.

The PC Group volunteers engage in the following main activities:

  • Identifying primary care issues to bring to the group for further discussion.
  • Participating in discussions about primary care services and the group’s potential to improve them.
  • Planning and conducting research and investigations into Primary Care services in Barnet.
  • Assisting in sharing “Good Practice” with interested parties’ services.
  • Supporting outreach work with community groups to investigate any issues they face.
  • Remaining engaged with public opinion and needs while identifying trends in Primary Care-related services.

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