Barnet Friends: Connection, Support, and Impact

Answering the Call to Volunteer During Challenging Times

At CB Plus, we believe in the power of community and the positive impact of lending a helping hand. When the first lockdown hit, our dedicated volunteer, Alison, found herself with halted projects but an unwavering desire to make a difference. Determined to assist those facing loneliness and isolation, she joined the Barnet Friends program as a befriender.

“Some of my other volunteering work had come to a halt… I strongly felt I want to help during a time of such difficulties for so many.”

A Glimpse into Lives Shaped by Loneliness and Complex Challenges

Through befriending telephone calls, Alison was able to connect with individuals whose lives were deeply affected by the pandemic. The conversations revealed the profound impact of loneliness. They also highlighted the complex medical, physical, and mental challenges these individuals face.

“The people with whom I was in regular telephone contact had such complicated lives often with complex medical (physical and mental) and social problems.”

Offering Hope and Laughter – A Befriender’s Journey

Despite the difficulties encountered during these conversations, Alison discovered immense fulfilment in bringing cheer and laughter to the lives of her “Barnet friends.” The simple act of engaging in meaningful discussions had the power to uplift their spirits. Providing a much-needed respite from their daily struggles.

“Our telephone conversation has really cheered them up or made them laugh for the first time in a week.”

Going Above and Beyond – Providing Practical Assistance

Beyond emotional support, Alison was able to identify specific challenges faced by her “Barnet friends” and extend her help beyond the phone calls. She facilitated the coordination of shopping assistance through CB Plus for those who could not leave their homes to obtain groceries or medication.

“I have been able to arrange through CB Plus for other volunteers to do their shopping for them… provide some real support and assistance to those in need.”

Be a Part of the Barnet Community Friend Network

Alison’s experience as a volunteer with Barnet Friends is a testament to the profound impact of a few hours of dedicated time. We at CB Plus invite you to join our Barnet Friend network. By devoting just an hour or so per friend, you can provide crucial support and assistance to those in need within the Barnet community.

Visit our website or contact us to learn more about volunteering with Barnet Friends.