Connecting communities across London.

CB Plus is an award-winning independent community infrastructure and development organisation working on various social issues across several London boroughs. We support residents, businesses and local communities, encouraging collaborative partnerships that lead to stronger and more resilient communities.

How we support the communities we work with:

Our team offers comprehensive support services, including development advice, resources, and tools to strengthen their capacity and leadership skills, enabling them to achieve sustainable and meaningful social impact.

We champion a partnership approach, collaborating with stakeholders to leverage our collective resources, expertise, and knowledge. Helping to reduce duplication of efforts, maximise impact, and foster innovation.

Our focus is on finding innovative solutions to the challenges faced by the communities we work with. We use research and development to identify new approaches to social issues and implement them on a local level.

Through tailored guidance, strategic planning, and networking opportunities, we empower them to enhance their impact, scale and initiatives, driving positive social change and sustainable solutions.

We use our unique platform to influence policy and decision-making at local, regional and national levels. Helping us reduce inequalities through targeted action and by amplifying the sector’s voice.

Building an inclusive society that celebrates diversity, leading to positive life outcomes for all.

Everyone should feel safe, healthy, and ultimately happy in their communities. However, many struggle with social challenges, from poverty and inequality to health and wellbeing issues. These challenges can be daunting and difficult to address, especially for small community groups with limited resources and expertise.

That’s where we come in.

We provide the infrastructure community groups need to make a difference. Empowering them to design and deliver ambitious solutions to help future-proof their sustainability.

Community members posing for CB 40th Celebration

Transforming lives through community support.

We’re incredibly proud of the wonderful feedback from the people we work with, from our members to service users and partners. We’ve pulled together a few of their comments so you can see the impact of what we do.

“I have found Barnet Friends an invaluable life tool. Being able to discuss daily life and share what is going on for me has been so comforting. It is helping me move forward in life.”

“CB Plus, thank you for engaging and working with faith groups. You understand our enormous contribution to communities and have been a real bridge for us into the voluntary sector.”

“Thank you so much for all you have done and continue to do for our community. The speed and organisation with which you set up the response service were nothing short of phenomenal.”

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