Nowruz Festival

CB Plus co-facilitates the Nowruz partnership of eight Iranian, Afghan and Kurdish organisations to deliver the Nowruz Festival. Nowruz has UN status and is one of the oldest non-religious events celebrated in over 15 countries, and heralds spring and the new year.

The partnership is strong and has survived the pandemic – meeting regularly to maintain mutual support and strength. The Nowruz Committee also provides volunteering opportunities to the community, including training in business start-ups and a chance to run a stall at the festival for refugees.

Over the years, we have helped organise a Nowruz festival at Middlesex University. The audience always enjoys a programme of speakers, art, music and dance. There are stalls with delicious traditional food and produce. Approximately 2,500 people attended the event each time. The event is always a huge success; many people sign up to stay informed of future Nowruz celebrations.

“I have met so many new people. They keep coming to say hello!” – Nowruz Guest.

Barnet TV filmed the event, watch here: