Fighting Food Insecurity: Addressing Hunger in Barnet Amidst the Pandemic

A considerable part of our efforts during 2020- 2021 included addressing the growing levels of food insecurity emerging in Barnet, as witnessed by the emergence of new food banks in wards traditionally regarded as economically stable. Unfortunately, the pandemic hit hard and fast, and like many of us, food banks struggled to meet demand and quickly ran out of supplies.

We collaborated with London Plus, the GLA and City Bridge Trust to arrange for large-scale food donations to be delivered to food banks across Barnet. In addition, we supported Kitchen Theory to provide hot meals to Barnet Hospital staff and connected catering companies to NHS workers and food banks to supply hot, cooked food to frontline workers and families.

  • £20,000 – We brought in an additional £20,000 in food supplies through our partnership and community networking between May and September 2020

  • 5 – We sourced five new microwaves and ten kettles for individuals who lacked the equipment to provide themselves with hot meals

  • £1025 – Christmas 2020, we set up a local fundraiser to raise funds for three food banks, St Barnabas, Livingway Ministry and St Mary’s East Finchley.

‘I am so grateful for my new microwave, and I no longer have to wait until my neighbour comes home in the evening to have my food. Thank you.’