Around one in four women and birthing people experience mental health issues through pregnancy and during the 24 months after giving birth.

There are many reasons why women/ birthing people are affected by their perinatal mental health and feel unable to reach out for support.

These feelings could be due to societal stigma, fear of consequences, past traumatic experiences such as difficult births, premature babies or loss, as well as health anxiety.

Our Partnership Project Aims

Central and North West London Perinatal Mental Health Services has partnered with CB Plus and Young People Thrive to launch a social movement encouraging and supporting women/ birthing people in Brent and Harrow to access Perinatal Mental Health Services.

Our project, ‘From Bump to Baby and You’ will create an open conversation, aiming to raise awareness about available support services and give women/birthing people who require support the confidence to reach out to the North West London Perinatal MH Community Services available. This service is open to all women/ birthing people, their partners, and family members.

Through the campaign, we want people to know:

Maternal Wellbeing

Perinatal mental health is crucial for maternal wellbeing.

Seek Help

Seeking help during and after pregnancy is okay.

Local Support

Brent and Harrow offer support for perinatal mental health challenges.

Who We Are Targeting

Our primary focus is on women/ birthing people, but we also aim to engage fathers, partners, support networks, healthcare professionals, and community organisations.

  • Women/birthing people from all communities, particularly those living in Brent & Harrow, including: 

  • Pregnant and postnatal individuals experiencing mental health or emotional difficulties.
  • Those facing psychological distress due to severe fear of birth, birth trauma, or baby loss.
  • Residents of Brent and Harrow and those accessing services within the North West London Mental Health Trust.

Groups and Services We Are Reaching Out To

To achieve our goals, we will collaborate with community organisations, family hubs, local businesses, and more. Our CB Plus Engagement Team is excited to participate in community events in Harrow and Brent to promote our Bump, Baby, and You campaign.

We aim to set up stalls, give talks, and interact with your communities to help women and birthing individuals access essential Perinatal Mental Health Services. If you are a local business—perhaps you run a yoga group for expecting parents or have service users who could benefit from our support—please contact our engagement team today.